Kid Ink Come Up Show Lyrics

Artist: Kid Ink
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Cosmic Kid Ink in the building
You know we bout to turn up
We bout to turn up
West coast ands west side

What it do come on ink?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I said this right here, for the one that will listen
Turn up to a killer, luckily we ain't the winners
So I probably have a sinner, society menace
Just gimme a minute, they gonna notice how I'm feeling
When it bang, bang, right over your head
I'm on another level, try to fasten with the lane
Let's go, catch me if you can, I'm always with the can
Try and see me through the tent
Now who the fuck you with?
There no need for the hating over here
If you was getting money too then you would have a chandelier
Grind your neck please, you know who the best is
Try to make a movie if you want another clip
Baby go and make your think, you in and I don't wanna wake up
That's lame go and say can't nobody hate us
So hard I ain't never take it bigger
Started form the bottom, now we finally on our way up

I said come up
What? I said come up
I said it's a cold world, AC like slather
Nobody greater, it's Kid Ink and Cosmic Ink
We run this shit like I got like 8 limbs
Riding with the homies since pigs
Started this shit gonna spread
The world, the lanes, they all wanna give it to us
Alumni, back gang, you know how we do it
Kid ink in the building
Come on Cosmic Ink gimme on more
I need one more baby, come on
Let's go baby
Let's go
Let's go, come on

I got a piece for all the drama
Walking round like I'm president Obama
You got a problem then act stunting
It ain't nothing to you, uh, uh
Getting in from the top
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