Kid Rock - Midnight Train to Memphis Lyrics

Artist: Kid Rock Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Cocky
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I was hiding from the sun once again
I was running from time my friend
I've lost another war
So I poured one more, and went home drunk again

She was up when the key hit the lock
And the clock looked at me just like the devil in disguise
I saw it in her eyes
She'd be gone before the evening

So I poured another strong one
And chopped a line from here to Texas
'Cause I've lost another good one
She's on the midnight train to Memphis

With a brand new start
I swore I'd love from the heart
I meant to change my ways
But I've seen better days

Than the one that's here this morning, mmhm
With a wife and kids at home
With a job somewhere on some assembly line
I wish I had that life
I bet you wish you had mine

So I poured another tall one
And chopped a line from here to Texas
'Cause I've lost another good one
She's on the midnight train to Memphis

Dude, what station is this, K snooze
Kid Rock, I thought he was the American bad ***
He's putting me to sleep
Nudge me if he gets over five decibels
I knew his first album was the good one

But that's the way I am, and this is how I jam
All across the land from Alabam' to bandstand
Doped up rebel with an attitude, ****
So **** a *****, **** a *****, **** a *****

I won't switch, won't quit no vices
Flip the script cause I'm a slice the righteous
Haven't you heard I don't refrain
Free as a bird, and so I won't change

Livin' it up, givin' it up, ****in' **** up, what
I'm a run the track from the D to Nantucket
So **** it, if you don't dig that you can suck it
Yeah, and it don't, and it don't

With an old suitcase, I swear I'll leave this place
I'll get you back in time, can't drink you off my mind
So I'll see you when I'm sober
I been looking for some reasons
But I ain't found one down in Texas
I been changing with the seasons
Walked in a new line back to Memphis

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