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I've been on the cover of Rolling Stones
I met the president when i was half stoned
Ive been so high Ive gotta confused
Ive been beatdown broken used

I drank with hank,
talked news with willy
Rocked with Run and sang with shotgun willy
Went from small time philly to big time bobby
From three day old chilli to saki with wusabe

Im home (home, hey)
Im home
You never met motherfucker quite like me
(home) yea not like me
den dad den dady like me
hey like me

No more being poor
drink specials at dinners
or being ignored by the thick straight sinners
I used to smoke pinners while moms made dinner
now I smoke bombs and rock with lynyrd skynyrd

no begginers here
Im a sessioned vet
educated on jazz by my man
Earned again my friend,
I been the world,and back
but im a Michigan boy can you feel that?

Im home (home, hey)
Im home
You never met motherfucker quite like me
(home) yea not like me
den dad den dady like me
hey hey like me

Never thought Id go as far in life as this
never made par and I could give two shits
Never wanted to sell cars cause my dad was a dick
Never wanted a guitar till I heard him lick like this

And from the depths of dixie to my northern spot.
You know its time to rock when old glory drops!!!!!!

I pimp through towns with the top left back
black cat fine blonde cold Pabst in my lap Ill adapt to any & all situations
Thats why they call me the pimp of the nation
Hey bitch

You besta believe
I live in the woods not your world of greed
My ch a little weed my ch a littl yay,

You never met a motherfucker like me!
hey hey like me,
gots seddica seddit like me
hey hey hey like me
You aint never met, no you aint never gonna meet
You never met a, you never met a, never never never met a
never met a mother like me....
No you aint never met a mother quite like me...
Dude, there's just, more to life then just YOU! (Kid rock laughs)

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