Kiki Dee Supercool Lyrics

Artist: Kiki Dee
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You came walking by where I was sitting pretty,

Said, "Hey ,babe, do you want to dance with me?"

And I noticed that you acted kind of funky,

As if somehow you were trying to be

Supercool, no one's fool, just a rolling stone

Acting out your party piece

In Valentino tones.

Smocking untipped cigarettes

And calling me a dool,

Sometimes I really wonder

If you're happening at all

Oh, supercool, I gotta lose you

And your hip asides,

All this fair out, right on, baby,

Teenage talking jive.

Supercool, go back to school,

Let's keep the whole thing clean,

As you would say in your sweet way,

You're really not my scene.

You cocked your brand-new felt hat to one side

Like Bogart used to do on the screen,

You've got to realize that I'm a big girl,

Older enough to know you're early in your teens.