Killer - Lovesong for My Babe Lyrics

Artist: Killer Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Sickeningly Pretty & Unpleasantly Vain
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I don't know if you can hear this
But if you do let me tell you
It is exactly what you think it is
And there's no better way I know how to say it than this:
I love you babe
So tell me what can I do to undo
All these bad things Ive done to you
Cause I need to have you by my side
And I need to have you in my life
So this is for you babe
This is my lovesong for my babe
This is exclusively for my babe
This is my lovesong for my babe
This one goes out to my babe
Look into my eyes and see me smile
Look into my heart and see me love
Cause I know you know it's getting better
And I know you know we belong together
This one goes to my babe

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