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This is my life
this is my time
just show me the light
and I go there.

Give me the wine
bitter and sweet
and a little bit of bread
that's all I need.

No, I don't want the gold from Xanadu
I think I leave it all to you
this is my life and I don't care.

This is my street,
are you restless feet
carry me on to anywhere.

Take the fear
take it away
and give me some hope
for one more day.

I saw a ghost behind the door
when the kids were coming home from the war
with broken dreams and nothing more.

I heard a woman singing her song
and it was good and warm and strong
She made me cry I don't know why.

I don't want to bring you down
I declare it's good to be here
this is my life and I don't care!

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