Kimberley Locke - Change Lyrics

Writer(s) : Lacy, Ty Kelly / Cates, Jess / Locke, Kimberley / Matkosky, Dennis
Artist: Kimberley Locke Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Based on a True Story
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Sorry for what I forgot to say
But you know how words get in the way, baby, lately
Wasn't strong enough to cut right through
All the red tape between me and you, baby
Time escapes me

What's it going to take to shake these blues?
Pushing through the clouds just to get to you
Can't hold back the storm that's blowing through, yeah

I feel a change, babe, washing over me
I feel the rains, babe, coming to set me free
It's a one way track, ain't coming back
This train's about to leave
I feel a change coming over me

Never noticed that it's kinda strange
Same story but a different day lately, oh baby
Gotta get up, gotta change the scene
Gotta rip this page from the magazine


I ain't trying to be difficult, no, no
I ain't trying to be mean
I just gotta do right now
What's best for me


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