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Album: Track 4 on Sincerely, Me
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He was lonely, she was cold.

Whenever they went out

It seemed as though the world began to grow

The two they both had not felt big enough

to take in something of their own

And they kept moving along, singing a song

a sad song, of how they'd never learn

and they'd never know


To try.

They've been paralyzed by fearful eyes

And realize you can move along

Write your own song

And be on your way

He had always dreamed to change

The world around him,

Rearrange the mess

Because through his eyes it all was beautiful

But not to all the rest

He had so much to say, he had so much to show

But he kept moving along, singing a song

a sad song, of how he'd never learn

and he'd never know


She was unsure of many things

But disregarding all the others, she loved to sing.

But she was too scared to fail

too scared to give it a go

And she kept moving along, singing a song

a sad song, of how'd she'd never learn

and she'd never know



So I'll stop running away

If you start learning to stay and speak your mind

And I'll keep writing my songs

If you stop thinking you're wrong today.


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