Kingston Wall - Get Rid of Your Fears Lyrics

Artist: Kingston Wall Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on III: Tri∞Logy
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"We all know this world's going through
some big changes,
it gets to the point where all phenomenons seem
crazy and people start looking for ways to live
outside from the system that makes them all so blind.
Some try to find new fields to explore from outside
their heads, some go in there and find that the
richness of life is so easy to multiply,
just by throwing away all the thoughts that keep us
from learning to now the personality, that lives inside
us and tries to come out,
but facing it is the key to unwind from closing yourself
as the surroundings provide."
Look out world it's time to die
No more crying with my mind
Some of us have seen the sign
the promise of a balanced time
When we'll sing no lullabies
and all of us have got real eyes
"The shamen seeds for all mankind"
One(*) day we will say goodbye
to all of them who live the time
nomore need to compromize
nomore questions: "tell my why"
balanced heart needs no disguise
but shamen seeds for all mankind
"The shamen seeds for all mankind"

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