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I know the pain you feel inside
and the tears you try to hide
in your heart you ask God why
Can you help me
will you help me please
Take the away the Pain
with the sun i feel the rain
Then I hear your spirit say
That I am

free to lift my hands
Free to say Amen
Free to know that someday I will Smile again
i'm Free
Free to laugh not cry
Free to live not die
Because of your love I know that I'm free

I know you're troubled by your past
And you hide behind your mask
the misery it seems to last
Thru the night but it's alright
Joy is just a prayer away
don't look back at yesterday
Then I hear your spirit say
That I am
Repeat chorus

ohhhh no more pain and lonliness
For Christ has set me free ohhh
For we are more than conquerers
Thru his love now i can see that i am

Repeat Chorus

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