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I just wanna
I just wanna
Lay down.

I'm doing things I never did before
Flippin' on my pimpin' (pimpin')
You're hearing things you never heard before,
But I say girl, you trippin' .
You know I might be ?? baby
Way you doin' you trippin' baby
So, why you tryna play me?
'Cause if you read between the lines
Your past is bad as mine.
So, baby let's keep it trill.

Now girl I know you got me (got me)
You know I got you too (got you too)
Them other women they be bopping you (bopping you)
But girl I'm feeling you, lady
I know you doubt me
Hatin' *** ***** talkin' bout me
Everywhere you go, there's another hoe
Like how she know she abide me
I know you doubt me
But just to keep it trill
I heard about you things
So baby girl let's keep it real.

Uhm, these two women looking real fine,
And I can have them to myself.
The blonde girl is blowing up my mind,
But, she talking to herself
She so
You can be running streets, show ?? ducks
I'll be waiting for you
Until you get through
But you don't say it baby
If don't got it.


I just wanna lay you down baby
Lay you lay you down baby
Lay you down, lay you lay you down baby.
I just wanna lay you down baby
Lay you lay you down baby
Lay you down, lay you lay you down baby.
They don't know
Don't listen to what people say
They don't know about , bout you&me
Get it out your mind
'Cause it's jealousy.


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