Konkhra - Time Will Heal Lyrics

Artist: Konkhra Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Weed Out the Weak
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Spent time to mend this thing
but the fire is still burning
no one can touch my own
next of kin, hah, everyone take care of their own

You can't take it away
can't bleed me
not for another day
I stand for what's my own
and your greedy hands won't feel
just to mend this, I cannot repent shit
the blood in my veins runs for myself

I am the one
I can't take shit from you
your candle's lit, burning at both ends
it won't be long, before the flames meet
and then, my friend, you'll see your lies are history

But the sun is still shining
the days are light and bright
with all my heart rejoice
and cherish the days and the nights of my life

Time will heal
Time will heal
Time will heal
Time will heal

Time will heal
Time will heal
Time will heal
Time will heal

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