Kreator - A Better Tomorrow Lyrics

Artist: Kreator Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Outcast
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One by one we take control
New consciousness one heart one soul
Oppression ends the time has come
So don't look back it can't be done
Something is still missing
Something keeps 'em blind
Like a precious sacrilege
They can never find
So they walk together
Into a silent war
Though it seems to take forever
This generation is finally heading for

A better tomorrow

Tell me can't you feel it
Tell me can't you see
Tell me can't you hear it
I know it ain't just me
Let us walk together
What are we waiting for
It is now or never
This generation is finally heading for

A better tomorrow

Day by day we're praying for
It to come across the shores
It brings new hope it brings new light
Nameless spirits now they shine
One by one become aware
New consciousness we will be there
And all the blind
Now they will see embrace their minds
To plant the seed for

A better tomorrow

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