Kristen Hall - Too Long Running Lyrics

Artist: Kristen Hall Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Fact and Fiction
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I'm not the hang around kind i got a fugitive mind can't wrap me up in no
Chains been nice to know you is my middle name i'm insatiable as a shark
Been known to prowl in the dark but i've been changing my ways you make it
Easy for me to stay i'm too long running i've been too long running too
Long running i just hope i'm not too far gone i live by a code of my own
Sometimes i bitch and i moan i've got a right to complain the world gets
Crazy when you're insane i can turn my back on your shot you don't know how
Lucky you got that i've been changing my ways a year ago i'd have blown you
(Don McCollister/bass, Cooper Tisdale/guitar, Simone Simonton/drums, Cindy

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