Kristen Hall - Trouble Times Lyrics

Artist: Kristen Hall Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Fact and Fiction
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It's hard to make your way with open eyes when your feel so much like
Crying it's hard to keep yourself an open mind baby in these trouble times
From these days of emptiness and pain you just never see things quite the
Same it's hard to greet the world with no disguise baby in these trouble
Times a little foggy is your fragile face a little clearer are the lines
Talk is cheap so are the things we seek baby in these trouble times though
You never seem to show the strain there's a hint of hatred in your veins
Don't stop believing it's your only line baby in these trouble times you
Can rise above the wind and rain faith will land you on your feet again it
Takes a lot to keep a dream alive baby in these trouble times don't stop
Believing it's your safety line baby in these trouble times
(Dede Vogt/bass and mandolin, Michele Rhea/vocals

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