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Album: Track 1 on To Rock or Not to Be
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It's the end of the day
And a black dog howls
Somebody's got to pay
When the werewolf prowls

Thunder and lightning!
She's playing games with my head
I'm rockin' and rollin'
On a bearskin bed
She gets me tired
But I can't sleep
Her woodoo magics got me down on my knees

Lion heart - princess of the dark
She wants my lion heart
Lion heart - princess of the dark
Tearing my flash apart
Lion heart

I wanna give her a lot
She's taking everything that I've got
Her eyeses burn when she gets real mean
But she's the hottest thing that I've ever seen

There's got to be a sinner
When evil reigns
And a farewell dinner
In a sea of pains
The lady of the hunchback
Is the hangmans child
But I'll break the spell
And send her back to the wild

Lion heart - princess of the dark...


Lion heart - princess of the dark...

Lion heart - princess of the dark...

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