Krokus - Mad World Lyrics

Artist: Krokus Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Rock the Block
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They say that money rules the world
Please excuse me but I must agree
It has the power, makes the planet turn
It could set your life free, yeah

I hate to give you the bad news
The clock is tickin' away
And she's your own Mother Nature
Pays at the end of the day

Can you accept that your time is up?
We've gotta stop it while we can

We're livin' in a mad world
And that's the bloody truth
We're livin' in a bad world
Good luck to me and you

Lost in a dream of virtual reality
A battle-film and some booze
Ain't got no time for ecology
(What's that?)
Like we've got nothing to lose, yeah

We all can profit from a healthy planet
But greed and power seem to rule

Set it free, set it free
Forget your nature and she'll forget you
Take it away boys

Good luck everybody
Sleep tight, tonite

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