Kwan - Decadence of the Heart Lyrics

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Album: Track 5 on Love Beyond This World
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As I wait, contemplate the window of my soul
what I´ve done, what´s to come, search for answers
through these times I have earned, I have learned
that respect has a price that is high, don´t come easy
Did I choose the right the right moments for me to rebel
have I taken place given to me
have I answered the questions running through my mind
or just sent them about one more time now
Are we lead by superficial flings
this is decadence of the heart
it´s meaningless
it´s become so clear
this is decadence of the heart
And sometimes
I just feel that I´m caught in a maze
with no light, with no sign of an exit
so painful and heavy
this burden to carry
all these years in a
search for remedy
Streetlights screaming of lifestyle consumption and gorge
have the echoes been carried to my car
many times can a man wash his hands and pretend
and let fright walk ove his decicions
Talking too loud can deaf you to silence
and where will I find peace of mind or the answers
the sandglass has almost run empty
face myself, can not turn it around anymore now

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