Kyla I'm All Yours Lyrics

Artist: Kyla
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People have been talking 'bout what I should do
But I just can't listen I keep in tune to you
But I'm not gonna fall, I'm givin' it all to you my love
I'm not gonna fall, I'm givin' it all to you
If i fix my eyes on you
Will you show me what to do
I lay down my sorrows all on you
If i can make the world fade away for just a moment, to be alone with you
So many voices, too many noises, too many choices
Why can't it be just you and me
Repeat chorus/refrain
All that I can see is that they're lookin' at me
But all I've ever wanted was for you to be
The only thing that matters in my life to me
Lord you know, you know, you know
Standing in the mess of the crowd I love
Gonna give it all I've been living it out loud
You are the king and the light of my eyes
Lord, you know I'll reach you, for the prize
Repeat refrain
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