Kyla - Let Go Lyrics

Artist: Kyla Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on I Will Be There
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It used to be
Kisses and hugs
You used to say that you won't go away
And by my side
You said you'll stay
And that's forever and a day
But now the fire's slowly fadin'
And baby boy you've been actin' kinda shady
Tell me where we stand now boy coz
I hate wastin' time, boy now listen..
I really can't help the way I feel
Do you love me or do you hate me
Tell me what's the deal boy
So I can move on with my life now
Tell me what I've done to you
(cuz I don't know why)
you push me so far from you (and even if I try)
to open up, you slowly try to back off
when I try to know the reason
baby am I the reason
is it hard to be open? Is it hard to be honest
if it's so hard then why do you still
keep on buggin' me
for my lovin', for my time,
for my affection, my attention
[chorus x2]
I know, you know, baby, we have to let go 'cause
I don't see the light and we always fight
I don't think we can make this right [x4]

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