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You've whet my appetite
I want a taste of you tonight
Got a look on me like a cat who's got the cream (Prrrrr)
I take you for a gambling man
I'll place my bets as high as I can
You may be the one
Who can realise my dream
Shall we see?

Chorus: Meet me in the bedroom at quarter past eleven
Say the lucky words I'm looking for and we'll be locking up the door
Baby, if you wanna be in my world
You've gotta know the password (password)
To make it right (to make it right)

Tell me you're thinking hard
I don't want this to fall apart
I got a feeling that we could just make a team
I'm careful with my heart
I'm a fussy girl and love's an art
Tell me that you're hiding something up your sleeve, please.

Repeat Chorus

Baby, if you wanna be in my world
You've gotta know the password (password)
I think you might (I think you might)

Understand I'm a lady
It's not the hand you've got but how you play it
Baby, what's the password?

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