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What kind of fool do you take me 4
(Do you take me 4, do you take me 4)
(But I heard all that before)

I don't want to hear your reasons
I'm not giving you another chance
In my kindness you saw weakness
Time 4 me 2 make a stand

Whenever I hear your music
Singing the same old tune
you're so sure that I can't refuse it
But don't you speak 2 soon

What kind of fool do you take me 4
Don't want to see your face no more
you can say you'll be true, I can trust in you
But I heard all that before

Remember how I used 2 need you
But baby you were never there
There was a time when I believed you
But now I know you didn't care
Don't want to hear your hard-luck story
It's the same time after time
It's 2 late 2 say you're sorry
you'll never change wrong 2 right


What kind of fool do you take me 4
No-one on earth could give you more
you would change white 2 black
If I took you back
But I heard all that before

What kind of fool, what kind of fool
(Believed you, believed you,
Believed you, believed U)





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