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Picking up pieces of information
Time locks
Picking up pieces of information about you
And how to pick locks
Scouting around on the Lower East Side and matresses in the rain
Them uptown ladies with their uptown coats
Come down here to get laid

It's a boring macho trip
And I'm the type that facinates
Hey, Mrs Pamela Brown, how's the Dakota?

You're twenty eight years and your face has been lifted
But you still look so much older
You been desoiled and your linen is drab,
You've got crabs
The things they sell you
Your credit cards
I love you for it
I love you for it
Sell your sugar
I'm a humanitarian
I give it all to myself
That way you way you cling
And I stay additive

And psychologically you know
Hey, psychologically it's better that I think that I am dirt
Psychologically it's better that I think that I am dirt
Do you know it's better to think I'm dirt
Don't you like to have some dirt
That all it's worth it's just dirt
Cheap damn dirt
Hey Pam, dirt
Cheap dirt
Uptown dirt

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