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Album: Track 4 on SOS
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I need to say what's on my mind
I have been shy but now it's time
To share this moment that I have memorised
I had a vision, yes a dream, it left me breathless on its wings

Your arms are open, you're waiting just for me
No-one before has ever moved me,
No-one before has made me cry
No-one before has reached into my senses
Waking me inside.

A moment of love together
A moment of love forever
A moment of love I will give you all my time
A moment of love so endless
A moment of love God sends us
A moment of love that will never be enough
As eternal as one moment of our love

This is the hardest part for me
It's had me restless at losing sleep
That's why my darling I tremble as I speak
What if you turned and walked away,

The more I fear the more I pray.
And like God's answer you say you're gonna stay
No-one before has ever moved me
No-one before has made me cry
No-one before has reached into my senses, waking me inside

[Chorus: x2]

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