Labi Siffre Nothin's Gonna Change Lyrics

Artist: Labi Siffre
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Life can be funny
Sometimes a shame
Making the same mistakes again and again
It isn´t easy being a man
For a woman it´s harder
Try it in the Sudan

And when you´re winning and when you´ve won
You turn around ... your problems just begun
And when you´re losing and when you´ve lost
You turn around ... it wasn´t worth the cost

How did we make it...
It´s a mystery
We´re getting better...
That´s news to me
Are we defeated...
Huh! Defeated like hell
We may be losers...
But we´ll never tell

Nothin´s Gonna Change
But we don´t give in
Nothin´s Gonna Change
Take it on the chin
Nothin´s Gonna Change
Keep that silly grin
Nothin´s Gonna Change
The only way to win

World wars are over
One and two
Others are raging still just like brand new
The Big Band is with us
It´s here to stay
Unless the Martians come to take it away

My TV dinner shows a starving face
The kicked a man to death outside my place
We strangle nature
We murder the trees
Forgetting we need the trees to breathe
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