Lady & Bird - Shepard's Song Lyrics

Writer(s) : Arthur, Joseph Lyburn
Artist: Lady & Bird Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Lady & Bird
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At first I wondered why they only speak to each other
It took me some time to understand
That they cannot see or hear any of the crowd
After observing their childlike behaviour I understood
They were two little children stuck in the bodies of grown ups

To the girl I said: "You are lady,"
To the boy I said: "You are a bird, but you cannot fly,"

They knew about the presence of other people
They knew about the sun
And at some point right before the break of day
They could see me,
Not knowing that I come from the outside

On the seventh day she looked up at me
And said: "I am lady,"
And the boy said: "I am bird, but I cannot fly,"

You are a bird

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