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You and her, I know that you were intertwined
Even though her clothes were on and everything
Your eyes were somewhere else and you were both to blame

Don’t say a word
I’m sure that it won’t be enough
To erase what I know just happens now what dreams are made of
This is my house and I won’t allow that disrespect
Baby don’t look at me like that
I don’t belong to you, runaway

Cuz baby now that your caught what am I supposed to say
When it’s so wrong that what you did but I still feel this way
I can’t believe it, or forget it, what I saw today
And if you’re wondering if I’m staying answer is no way
No way
No way
No way

Something I saw, something I know did not belong to me
But then I thought that there’s no way you would do that to me
Remember last week, when you went outside to use your phone
I felt a chill but told myself that it was from the cold
And I just woke up, but I wish that it was a nightmare
Cuz when I have those, it isn’t real like this one is
This is my heart, and I won’t allow that disrespect
Baby don’t look at me like that
I don't belong to you run away


Get your things and go
You can take the dinner leftover from last night
I made you your favorite


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