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Artist: Lady Saw Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on 99 Ways
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Dem bwoi deh fi leggo bout yah.
Dem freak dere fi leave di corner.
A wi nuh waan dem inna we area,
caw wi nuh deal wid dat iyah.
You know

Sey mi will give yu di ride a yuh life.
fling up di wuk pon a big ninja bike
but if yu tell mi fi go dung an bite,
fassy yu aggo sample mi nine
Sey mi will wuk yu til your knees dem numb
inna any position til yah done
but if yu tell mi fi bow an go dung,
punk yu aggo sample mi- Ay!

[Verse 1:]
Know man know fi beg gangsta gyal head
if yu want dat check Sharon an France
gyal fi get wuk mek dem bawl an beg,
come tear dung mi fence
no guy caan mek mi join bowers line
gimme di six mi will owe yu di nine
no time dis iyah nuh shine but mi will wuk yu inna style

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Di nyami-nyami one name Dawn
who a hype up kick up an gwaan
mi hear har breath it a kick like storm
thru she a nyam out a freak restaurant
what kinda straw dat di gyal she a pull
she nuh care if a hiefer or bull
mi hear she a zip dung Charlene an Wull
she nuh give a damn from she get har mouth full

dem gyal deh fi leggo bout yah
dem bwoy deh fi leave di corner
a wi nuh waan dem inna wi area
caw wi nuh deal wid certain tings iyah, yo, yo, yo!

[Verse 3:]
Yu si di puff up funky bwoi name Rex
who a profile inna him Lex
waan gyal fi perform di oral- ay!
tek yu dutty habit jus pack up an lef
mi waan know what dem gyal deh a tink
every weekend a bare freak dem a link
inna dem pink sunthing stink dem a sink
mon call dem roach but some gyal a chink

[Intro and Chorus]

[From top]

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