Lady Sovereign - Pennies Lyrics

Writer(s) : Gottwald, Lukasz / Levin, Benjamin / Harman, Louise Amanda
Artist: Lady Sovereign Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Jigsaw
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Speak my mind, I don't like them liars
Find your ride, and I'll pop your tires
Cross the line and you're ****ing fired

Yeah, it's burning, I got the fire
See, the money I'm effing I'm making
Hope this goes straight into my savings
Where it's ****ed yeah, it's sovereign yeah
Yeah, I'm still in the game, still changing

Make you a money man [Repeat: x3]
How many pennies have you gotten from me? [Repeat: x7]

I can hear your bling when you're thinking
Ring-a-ding, I left my phone ringing
All day long
Please, don't mind me singing
Oh! but how much I hate your winding
Just because I'm a little younger

Don't mind me, duff don't make you smarter

All day long I break down with laughter
When you lose your ten brake

You're an *******
Make you a money man
How many pennies have you gotten from me?

Yeah, there might be a bit of recession going on right now
But, I ain't going down like you suckers
Trust me
When you rip me off, I'll rip your head off
Yeah, it's lady sovereign

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