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Artist: Lady Sovereign Lyrics
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Chorus: (x2)
If u beat ur bredrin wif a broom n she dnt get up
Call de ambulance n tell em that she jus got wack up
It's like nee naw bang bang nee naw bang bang nee naw bang bang thats what i sang,

If ur drivin me crazy, thats what she said like she waz Britney,
Ar u takin summet u really shudnt cuz ya name aint Whitney,
Stupid lil bitch dnt u eva start a riot,
If u wanna b startin sumfin, y not start a diet?
Now neva eva eva eva eva drink Stella,
Cuz it will send u spinnin lyk a helicopter propeller,
Like peanut butta nutella u nutty bitch,
Dnt make me switch,

Chorus (x2)

She gave me a fat lip, what's u drinkin cats piss?
U failed actress, put blood on ya matress,
U had 2 clean it up.. aww,
U stupid fuck,
Bitch did u jus call me a shmuck?
Dnt push ur luck!
She broke ma glasses, i tell u wot dey wernt cheap,
Mayb she wus jealous ov d property dat i keep,
U P.I.G u shud hav grown up on the prairy,
Bitch, neva eva eva get lairy agen..

Chorus (x2)

Ok so dis is wot happened,
She invited me 2 her house,
An when i got der she was all lyk 'rrrrr im crazy'
My frendz wer der, her frendz wer der,
She was jus actin lyk a (?)
Shut up, i neva eva try n pop violent agen, cuz i will pick up ur broom n will b cleanin ur house.

Chorus (x2)

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