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tuesday, right? but today is saturday
and i saw him last night no,
i wasn't seeing things and i wasn't drunk
i can't believe you just laughed,
that's fucked some you call your friends
show no remorse in the end they laugh at you,
when are you spent so often the rumors
too little to take but a lot more in time demented rumors
and everything's changed demented rumors the lies of the friends,
so i went calling for the end i'm feeling tied,
i can't hide i'm suffering the one,
why oh why did he died all the dismay,
chance of a live demented rumors and
everything's changed demented rumors
i stayed up last night for a friend i thought
i'd never see again because you called me up
and said he's dead how can you speak
before you think about what you're saying
how can you say these things?
you say it's your sense of humor ??
whose gonna laugh when you're gone?
whose gonna cry when you're gone? whose gonna cry...

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