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Artist: Lagwagon Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Trashed
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Silent again - when spoken their is friction and conflict
why do we rub each other wrong maybe
we've known each other too well for too long
you and i have heard each other speech before are
these words that i said - the same words that you heard
we can only agree to disagree in disharmony
is it too much likeness or indifference
well the answers in the question isn't it
the deepest cut of all comes from a trusted friend
but i'm sick of it all i can't listen i wish that
all of it would end you cut me off - i cut you down jerrated words
let's stop repeating the lesson. We've been through thick n' thin
i consider you a friend though it's hard for me show
everytime you hear this song you'll know it's not just the business
we know much more exist let's end the bad notes and the dis'chords
we'll tune our attitude and realize a personal reward

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