Lagwagon - One Thing to Live Lyrics

Artist: Lagwagon Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Double Plaidinum
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A look in your eyes what can I say
You left us here and it's a shame
I would like to have helped
To begin again
you decided you fate
One thing to live
A look at you now what's in a name
You left them there
It was a shame
They would like to have helped
Again to begin
but potential was yours never ours
before you chose your fate
before you asked them all to wait
Left standing there
to watch you play with your matches
One god burn deserves another two
but one thing to live is one thing to live
Selfish fool nobody loves you
Self resent how can they trust you
Walk around with a butt tattoo
It will never do
Why should you die with dignity
You lived in a shame
as you ask them all to wait
Left standing here
to watch you lying in your ashes
One good burn deserves another two
One thing to live is one thing to live

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