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maybe i'm just thirty and i don't want to go to parties anymore
only really need a few close friends
i'm just tryin' to keep the hair on my head
i think it's time we tie the knot and you and
i can make some babies marriage,
mortgage can't afford it we are destined to fail lots of time,
we are late what the hell smashing through the boundaries
lunacy as found me gotta have a family boys
will tell you they'll take care of you
but i can tell you, girl, that there is only one thing that you're after
we ain't got no money, honey, it's true
ten thousand vacant in the place where elvis said "i do"
"love me tender" four kids, food stamps
trying to make words count endless days of minimum wage
love is ours, food's a dream a better day two kids,
two cars life insurance, credit cards
carry on the legacy it's time to raise a family

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