Lagwagon Smile Lyrics

Artist: Lagwagon
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Album: Track 8 on Double Plaidinum
Length: 2:05

I hate my friends [Repeat: x1]
I hate my [repeat: x3]
I hate my friends [Repeat: x1]

Two in the morning here I am
Turning blue
I'm drinking up for an old friend
Bourbon can't clean my mind of this voice in my head
(I hate my friends) cause they make me think about the smile that I'm faking

I hate my [Repeat:x7]
I hate my friends [Repeat: x1]

Yeah, that's the scene that I am
In lying at odds with every bland image
How many excuses can this fool listen to you
Never cared
There was no us only misery and distrust

I hate my [Repeat: x6]
I hate my friends
I don't care [Repeat: x1]

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