Laibach Krvava Gruda - Plodna Zemlja Lyrics

Artist: Laibach
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strast blaznih ocetov nas do zadnjega muci.

Dali so nam oci, da v njih se pijanost pretaka,
dali so nam roke, gresne plodove mrake.

Ljubimo zemljo bolestno, kakor so oni ljubili,
ljubimo nijh sive glave, plodnost so nam podelili.


[English translate: Bloody Ground - Fertile Land]

Rich is the earth in the burning evening light,
the passion of our mad fathers is tormenting us to the last.

They gave us eyes that drunkeness decants inside them,
they gave us hands - the sinful fruits of twilight

We love our land sorrowfully as they loved it
their grey heads we love, fertility they gave us.


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