Laika - T. Street Lyrics

Artist: Laika Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Good Looking Blues
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Something`s gotta give
And it sure as hell ain`t me
I`m gonna cut loose
Like lightning through the trees
I`m green against the water
Blue against the sky
This girl has counted up
Her each and every sigh

Loverman has run away
Loverman done gone
Loverman flew across the sky
Loverman left home

Damn thing`s worried me
And I can`t see my way through it
I run sitting down
And falling like the cool rain
Can`t sleep for dreaming
Can`t speak for lies
I`d rather be the devil`s daughter
Than seeing from these eyes

Nobody`s alibi
But I`m not loud thunder either
Days are troubled by
When a cold wind starts to blow
Write my dreams on water
Send them to the sea
I`ll meet them at the evening sun
As soon as I can leave

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