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Album: Track 6 on Prinsessor
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G Dm
Well you know me
I’ve never been afraid
I always jump into it
With my whole heart and no shame
And the thoughts that I’m left with
Is making such a mess
There’s nothing more confusing
than the loss
You’ve caused yourself
and, all in all ...
It feels you’re like me and
G C Am
Were the trees still green in november
D G C Am
And I know I cant remember summer being so gone
D Bm
But I will play along But it feels It feels
C Am G
so much That we don’t know what we’re doing
And I never knew, never thought
They could play along honey
But they don’t know what
they’re doing
And I know I won’t admit it
And I don’t want to say it
But I still look for you in the park
On my way home each day
And no, I won’t admit it
Not even to my friends
They think I’m doing well
And I even lie to myself
How long can u keep a secret from yourself
Like that storm that blew me back 2 years
To that first step I took away from you
And the hope that you left It’s hidden in my room
I’m a strong woman
But sometimes I’m weak for you
And on and on,
I close my eyes and I’m still there I’m still there ...
Were the trees still green in november
And I know I can’t remember summer is gone
I still miss you ...
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