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Album: Track 10 on Laleh
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Don't be a stranger
(Don't be a stranger)
Don't think that we are that different
(We aren't as different)
We aren't as different s we think
We're closer than we know

I se us running
(See us running)
I see us run the race o success
(Only after success)
I se us run for the diamonds
Run for total control

I've been rung
I wont runt no more

Oh no, they don't know salvation
They don't know fire with the flame
Oh how easily we all blow away

I see us running
(See us running)
I run beside to see more of us
(See more of us)
I run beside to se were we are heading
And how far we will go
I know the world can live without me
But I cant live without the world
I'm just a stranger
But honey don't you know that
I don't want to be, don't want to be alone

Blow away, oh how we blow, away

We're the fire, I'm the flame!
Fire with the flame
They wont blow us away!
We're the fire!

They wont blow us away, were fire with the flame!

you're the fire!

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