Laura Izibor - I Don't Want You Back Lyrics

Artist: Laura Izibor Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Let the Truth Be Told
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I know you're shy
Guess what so am I
But some things you can't deny
When you look into my eyes
Then you'll realize
I'm gonna be the one that makes you break
Gonna be the one that makes you shake

And yes, I'll be your baby
And no, no buts or maybes
I know I ain't known you that long
But I feel as though we belong
Eh eh eh yea eh eh, eh eh eh yea eh eh

Oh no oh, I'll be your baby

Now why you standing
All the way over there
Come a little bit closer, ain't no need to be scared
I got that something
You got that something special
Maybe if we combined
Who knows what we'll find


I'll be your, your baby, ooh


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