Laura Marling - Love Be Brave Lyrics

Artist: Laura Marling Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Once I Was an Eagle
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In a world you can get lost in
I find my way to him
I am purpose in the grid
Passing feelings I forget

What will I do then?
How could I sleep at night
Without you by my side?
Hold me darling, make no sound
Silence speaks for me

Love be brave
No one will say it but you
And that has not yet been
An easy thing to do

How does he make love seem sweet
Isn't that some heavy feat
Do the birds offer so
Do they sing because they know
This life don't go slow

Love be brave
No one will save you but me
And that has not yet been
The safest place to be

What will we do now?
Here comes a change over me
Something strange takes over me
I am brave and love is sweet
And silence speaks for him and me

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