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The soon as I walk like a 'ages and '
'like a women business
'television wanna do like ' and eco system
Situation '
'to fix one and spontaneous'
'running though the television
'for bad decisions
'medication, complication, devastation'
I said devastation negative '
Make decision ' addition '
'Jesus name 'we know solution 'compromise, commercial'
I said compromise and '
Just connection'
'just a superstition '
Listen, there's some reason for a '
'desperation, nevrotism
Ages and sexes and '
He go with a systematic narcissisms
'been walking to tide road'
'they need the medication now'
So I steel go after the things '.
But not believe '
'and television exportated
'medication, complication , situation, negative
'sex addiction
'compromise, commercials '
Any decision for the '
''s a negative simulation

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