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Heart don't fail me now
courage don't desert me
don't turn back now that we're here
people always say
life is full of choices
no one ever mentions fear
or how the world can seem so vast
on a journey to the past

somewhere down this road
i know someone's waiting
years of dreams just can't be wrong
arms will open wide
i'll be safe and wanted
finally home where i belong
well, starting now, i'm learning fast
on this journey to the past

home, love, family
there was once a time i must have had them too
home, love, family
i will never be complete until i find you

one step at a time
one hope then another
who knows where this road may go?
back to who i was
on to find my future
things my heart still needs to know

yes, let this be a sign
let this road be mine
let it lead me to my past
and bring me home... at last

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