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Album: Track 5 on Sittin' on Top of the World
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There is a white flag rising,
About to catch the wind
And I don't want to fight it,
Or let you win
Here I stand,
Heart in hand
No it ain't like me,
Don't take it lightly
You know I never bend

I'm giving in, givin' up
Crossing over the line for your love
If I trust enough,
Then I might just
Fall in to forever
And all I've got to do is surrender

I see a white dove flyin,
The clouds have rolled on past
And isn't it surprising,
I feel the peace at last
Got all I need,
Surroundin' me
I'm not afraid to stand up and say,
I will never leave

[Chorus: x2]

If I trust enough,
Then I might just
Fall into forever
And all I've got to do,
All I've got to do
Baby, all I've got to do,
Is surrender
Oh surrender

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