Lee Brice - Beautiful Every Time Lyrics

Artist: Lee Brice Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Love Like Crazy
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I been around the ocean since I was a kid
I don't get to see it much these days
This morning I walked down to it, just to say i did
And damn if it didn't take my breath away
I guess some things, are just that way

Like a baby sleeping, a momma kneeling, a key west sunset sky
The chills I get when you lay your lips on mine
That's beautiful, beautiful every time

Well i could hear the music drifting over the dunes
It Sounded like a wedding on the beach
Figured id take a closer look, had nothing better to do
I guess amazing, is always amazing


I guess amazing will always be amazing
Like a church choir singing, a nation healing
A soldier coming home alive
The love for me, girl, I see in your eyes
That's beautiful, beautiful every time

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