Lee Kernaghan - Skinny Dippin' Lyrics

Artist: Lee Kernaghan Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on 1959
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Well sally told Debbie and Debbie told me
They caught Suzie down by the creek
Splashing around with the Jones' boy Stretch
Seems they were in way over their heads

Skinny dippin' from head to toe
Skinny dippin' what a way to go
I know a little water hole down by the creek
C'mon skinny dippin' with me

Well I went dipping wiht Suzie last night
When down through the trees came my boss and his wife
We held our breath we were both turning blue
When we came up they were doing it too


Fat or skinny short or tall
The shape your in don't matter at all
If you're feeling unsure about where to begin
Just slip off your gear and jump right in

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