Lefay - Epicedium Lyrics

Writer(s) : LEFAY
Artist: Lefay Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on SOS
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The ashen people cry
They sigh in vain for life
And tears from tired eyes are falling
Filling ponds with grief
Bitter thoughts they bleed
Gloomy water fills the seas

These repentant, blackened souls
All sentenced to deplore
The malicious deeds in mortal life
On what they now redeem
The baneful essence feeds
Growing strong, awaits release

With tears, they raise the seeds
Condemned, they watch it grow
In this eternal sleep
Creating the reality

Dim heartbeats moaning chime
Send shivers down my spine
Can this be real? I hear the breathing
A distant rumble roars
It rumbles cross the moors
The ground beneath me feels alive


A serenade of death and pain
Is playing in my head
The ashen people fades away
And nothing seems the same

I face a blood red sky
I sense the silent time
A vision from the past is calling
A child of misery
A book of sand I see
It's like a dream within a dream


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