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Artist: Left Alone Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Dead American Radio
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Well I know it's no secret
I'm a drunk just like you
As I sit here counting the change in my pocket
To get a drunk and try to forget you

So many days I questioned and I wondered
Wondering what did I do wrong
Cause mama said it was all cause of me
You left that Friday night and never returned

And every day
I prayed and I wished and I wondered
When you would come back
When you would return
But I found comfort and courage
Inside of a bottle
Now I don't care if you return

I grew up alone with no direction
I learned about life the hard way
Made mistakes and learned about rejection
I was a kid out on the streets running astray

I began to look for my place in life
Cause I knew I didn't fit with every one
I was the kid with no father and no Monday
But I found a home in my guitar and my songs

Now I don't care if you return

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