Lemar More Than Music Lyrics

Artist: Lemar
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More than music
More than music

Music is the sweetest thing
It has always end, always be my everything, never lets me down
Forgives me even if I send always there for me
You never ask me where I've been
He's been coming back
It can it finds a melody
But for reason in it, I can feel the change in me, yeah
That you always stand by me
Could it be, could it be
That you gave your whole and all to me,
I thought I confess I love you

More than music
More than music

Music taught me how to swim,
To the deepest and the darkest places I have been
It pull me through
Even let my heart to you
And when I almost left it show me just what I would do
Music makes me moving
Always gets me in the mood
And for some reason in it
I would rather be with you, yeah (could it be?)
'cause you treat me like a king (could it be, could it be?)
that you always let me do my thing
I gotta confess I love you more

More than music, more than music