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Album: Track 10 on Play With Me
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Good love you could be a might good love

Yeah, yeah, Ooooh yeah
Keep you pants up x2

I would say that you were perfect
Baby around me ‘cause you show
Me a good time
And you say the right things
You're sex is great
You satisfy me but one thing
You've been sneaking, creeping, cheating,
but he say you love me

Chorus: Can't keep your pants up
When I'm not around
I think you're getting down with
Every girl in town
I just can't give you up cause your
Love is just that good
I wish I could just trust, trust, trust,
Trust to keep your pants up, up,
Up, up

You're a good love you could be a
mighty good love x2

Oh you've got everything a woman
Wants in a good man, a good job,
Good looks, charisma, so I don't
What will it take to tame your
Hunger of cheating?
Cause I love you but without the
Trust love has no meaning

Verse 3: Oh you're a good love you
Could be a mighty good love
If I could trust ya' to keep your
pants up
Oh you're a good love you could
Be a mighty good love
If I could trust ya' to keep your
Pants up

Repeat chorus. Repeat verse 3
Keep ya pants up baby keep ya
Pants up high (background)

What's up with you? I guess you
Don't love me anymore
‘Cause every time I turn around
you're getting caught with your
pants down
You know, you could be a great
Boyfriend, if only you could keep
Your damn pants up

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